Safeway Home Delivery Service Review

Got a $20 off coupon for grocery delivery service with a minimum order of $50 with free delivery so I decided “what the heck, can’t lose” and decided to try it.

The delivery service more or less allows you to purchase the same items you see in the store for nearly the same price, normally there is a delivery fee but in this case I had a coupon offer that allowed for free delivery.

some items in your shopping cart

Shopping Process

You start by building a cart full of items, this process take about as long as doing so in the store since you have to look at you grocery list and pick each item one at a time, not too bad and you have the advantage of using the internet to research food items, something I guess you could do with your phone in the store but I never tired that.

One of the great things about shopping this way is you can watch the total as you move along, where as in a normal brick and mortar grocery store you have to keep a running total in your head if you’re watching your budget (and who isn’t?) which is great exercise for your but can be difficult in practice.

As you get to the end of the process you start looking at your total and re arranging things to keep the total where you want it, in my case I wanted a total of about $50-$60 with the discount applied. This was not too hard to do as the items were priced similarly to the local store location.

Delivery Time

This can be a little bit of a sticky point, in my case there was no delivery available for at least a day or two, while shopping on a Friday afternoon/eve the nearest delivery time was for Saturday afternoon, this would not work as I needed to be away from home on a Saturday, so I selected Sunday afternoon, this can be an issue when you need food sooner, they do arrive during a 1 hr delivery window that you select which is helpful for planning to be home for the delivery.


This is probably the worst part of the experience, after building your shopping cart, and selecting your delivery time you come to the issue of substitutions, this is something you don’t have to do when shopping in the physical store because if you have it in the cart it is obviously available. They have if I remember correctly three options for substitution

  • Same brand different size
  • Same size different brand
  • No substitutions
  • In my case, I selected “Same size different brand”, what the heck..? let the dice roll…..

    Well Sunday arrived and here comes the delivery guy on time as planned. They bring everything to the door, nice and friendly give you time to put the bags where you want them. Then when that’s all done you get a manifest of everything, I had only one substitution but in my case it was an ugly one, I had ordered Pacific Cod and they did not have it so they substituted Tilapia (RECORD SCRATCH…) um nooo, Tilapia is not a substitute for Pacific Cod, this is not a “different brand” this is “different fish”, now they do allow you to refuse any substitution so I thought about that for a second, but went ahead and took the Tilapia as there are ways of making it taste good but that was a stinker the worst part of the overall good experience….

    Overall I’d probably use the service again if the car was broken and/or was fairly sick or something, usually I like actually examining the items, but it is nice that they offer this service and do a faily good job of it.

    Overall Grade B, would have been an A if they didn’t try to sneak Tilipia on me as a substitute for the cod, also the wait time is a little long, you have to plan the delivery for the right time when you’ll be home but that is a huge logistical thing for them, they do a good job and the delivery is well done.

    PS…you don’t have to tip the delivery driver, in fact they cannot accept tips, so don’t have any anxiety about taking the delivery and thanking the driver and off he/she goes…